Applications - next fall (september 2019)

Nuclear Fusion 

Basic properties, energetics of a fusion reactor, Debye frequency, Larmor radius, magnetic confinement or magnetic bottle, Z-pinch, Theta-pinch 

(Plasma Physics, Miyamoto; Hand-written Notes by Atzeni and The Physics of Fusion Power, McMillan)

Technological applications of Nuclear Fusion (Slides ITER and NIF)

Lawson criterion, Energetics of a reactor 

(The Physics of Inertial Fusion, Atzeni - Chap. 1; Principles of Fusion Energy, Chap. 8 - Harms). 

Toroidal machines and Tokamas 

(Principles of Fusion Energy, Chap. 10 - Harms and The Physics of Fusion Power, McMillan)

Tokamaks, Stellarators and ITER 

(Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy, Freidberg and  The Physics of Fusion Power, McMillan); 

Inertial Confinement and NIF 

(An Introduction to Inertial Confinement FusionPrinciples of Fusion Energy, Chap. 11 - Harms and Rayleigh-Taylor Instability notes)

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